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The Summer Series Mid-Way Round-up (+Blog Party Announcement)

Hey sparkles! Welcome back to Sketch Scribble Scribe’s Summer Series! (Did I still get a little too happy about saying that again? Maybe.) So sorry i missed a week, although I guess I did go one week early once already…. Technically I evened myself out, so I’m not going to be upset about it. 😂How’s your summer going? Today’s post won’t be super in depth, but I wanted to recap what we’ve done so far this summer and announce some of the upcoming posts including that blog party! Let’s dive in!

This summer I’ve shared:

Upcoming posts may include (in no specific order):

  • School Outfit essentials; Would you guys be interested? As a light academia, I love bookish outfits and would love to share what I know!
  • My top 10 summer books to make summer last
  • School Supplies Everyone Should Have. If I did this, the tools wouldn’t just be for school. They’d be tools you could use as a writer and artist too!
  • Study Tips From a High School Student
  • Making Photo Wallpapers for You! I’ve gotten into this lately and, as the SSS member who is worst at drawing, the art form suits me!
  • Summer Party Ideas! My birthday is toward the end of summer, so this topic is already in a part of my mind.
  • End-of-Summer Hobbies That Build School-Year Character. I’ve noticed that some of my hobbies help me in other areas, so I could share some creative hobbies and how they help you in the long run!
  • A Blog Party! This one’s definitely happening. It will be on September 21st! More details later. This one will wrap up our summer series!
  • Reacting to Your Summer Stories. I’d love to hear the craziest summer-related stories you guys have and react to them. I could also make this two truths and a lie style, where I guess if the stories are true or not.

Sorry this post isn’t longer but I’m still getting back on schedule after a trip! What posts would you like to see me wrote next?


Published by Kaley Kriesel

Hello, friend! I'm Kaley, a teen girl pursuing Jesus and working toward sharing powerfully authentic stories for Young Adults who want clean, life-changing books. I play three instruments and have a passion for music as well as a love for reading. I believe words can change the world. If you want to find out how, check out my blog, Words!

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