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End of Summer Blog Party

Hey sparkles! Welcome to SSS’s second blog party ever (here was the first!) featuring all eight summer posts in the best order possible), a ton of fun questions to start conversation, anndddd another story writing game! The comments open on Friday at 10 am EST and we will stop frequent moderating at 9 pm EST.Continue reading “End of Summer Blog Party”

The Summer Series Mid-Way Round-up (+Blog Party Announcement)

Hey sparkles! Welcome back to Sketch Scribble Scribe’s Summer Series! (Did I still get a little too happy about saying that again? Maybe.) So sorry i missed a week, although I guess I did go one week early once already…. Technically I evened myself out, so I’m not going to be upset about it. 😂How’sContinue reading “The Summer Series Mid-Way Round-up (+Blog Party Announcement)”

Summer Self-Care for Busy People

Hey, sparkles! How is everyone? Welcome back to Sketch Scribble Scribe’s Summer Series! Try saying that 10 times fast. 😂 Today’s post is for busy people, lazy people, and tired people alike. As we end summer and enter a new school year, everyone has a different amount of time and energy. If you don’t haveContinue reading “Summer Self-Care for Busy People”

150 Songs That Make Me Want To Dance

Hello again sparkles! Welcome or welcome back to Sketch Scribble Scribe! How are you doing? However you’ve been, I hope this post makes you smile! It took a while, which is why it’s a day late. Today I’m sharing a playlist I made that has over 75 fun songs that make me want to dance!Continue reading “150 Songs That Make Me Want To Dance”

The Summer Tag!

Hey, sparkles! How is everyone? Sorry we haven’t posted in a minute, but I’m hoping to get into it again! I’ll be posting every other Wednesday, starting today, for at least the summer. And who knows? Hattush and Jehosheba might pop in with amazing posts! Still, we’re all busy and as much as we loveContinue reading “The Summer Tag!”

Upcoming Q&A+Giveaway!

Hey, sparkles! So sorry we haven’t posted much…. But I’m back, and I’ve got a surprise I hope you’ll enjoy! Let’s dive in! You may be acquainted with my blog, the Little Novelist. You may be rolling your eyes and glaring at me because it’s private and I didn’t let you in, you may beContinue reading “Upcoming Q&A+Giveaway!”

BLOG PARTY!!! + a Collage of My Art

Hey sparkles!! Wanna have some fun on SSS? I’ll be hosting a blog party for you all in July! Any newer bloggers, this will be your chance to meet people. More information is coming soon, promise! We know we need to make more great content for you guys, and we promise we will! But asContinue reading “BLOG PARTY!!! + a Collage of My Art”

You Know You’re A Writer When…

You want to experience fainting, or have someone knock you unconscious – just so you know how it feels and can write from experience. You’re willing to do crazy things to better understand what your characters go through. Go into a crowd of people and start a riot? No problem! Attempt sky-diving, even though youContinue reading “You Know You’re A Writer When…”