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Upcoming Q&A+Giveaway!

Hey, sparkles! So sorry we haven’t posted much…. But I’m back, and I’ve got a surprise I hope you’ll enjoy! Let’s dive in! You may be acquainted with my blog, the Little Novelist. You may be rolling your eyes and glaring at me because it’s private and I didn’t let you in, you may beContinue reading “Upcoming Q&A+Giveaway!”

Introducing My WIP

Hey, sparkles! It’s been most definitely too long since we’ve posted… I’m so sorry! Between NaNoWriMo, Crazy Writing Week, COVID, and life, we’ve all been so busy! But enough of excuses. I hath returned, and I have a special post today! I’m introducing my NaNoWriMo baby…. What Matters Most!  Summary Trixie Gold doesn’t understand people.Continue reading “Introducing My WIP”

BLOG PARTY!!! + a Collage of My Art

Hey sparkles!! Wanna have some fun on SSS? I’ll be hosting a blog party for you all in July! Any newer bloggers, this will be your chance to meet people. More information is coming soon, promise! We know we need to make more great content for you guys, and we promise we will! But asContinue reading “BLOG PARTY!!! + a Collage of My Art”

Pen Name Generator/Quiz thingie

Hey, sparkles! It’s the Little Novelist here!! XD Idk what’s up with me. I really need to be writing my book while I have energy. Oh yeah. I can’t write today, that’s why my brain has decided to have energy. XD Anyway, I decided to make a pen name game for y’all! There are threeContinue reading “Pen Name Generator/Quiz thingie”